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You don’t need magic to disappear, all you need is a destination // Travel Quote Phone Cases @seattlestravels

Diphylleia grayi (skeleton flower or umbrella's leaf)--The petals turn transparent with the rain

Photo via Bali Expat Services

Observation 1: Social Pins There are a lot of different people and ethnicity in Westeros. There is an especially large difference between the wildlings and those south of the wall. Bran actually ends up befriending a wildling, but this is definitely out of the norms for his experience of someone his age.

Smiling Young Boys Walking to School in the Rain, with a Banana Leaf Umbrella, Indonesia.

Set of 4 Bars of 300 Gram Olive Oil French Soap

Home Bathroom Soap Box Shower Racks Holder Sucker Style Kitchen Soap Dish

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