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two pictures side by side one has a cat bed and the other has a police box
11 Functional Homemade TARDISes
11 Functional Homemade TARDISes | Mental Floss
a doctor who is standing in a tardish with a scarf around his neck
4th Doctor and the TARDIS by Police-Box-Traveler, via Flickr
a public phone booth with a free for use sign
How to Build a TARDIS Replica (with Pictures) - wikiHow
How to Build a TARDIS Replica
a young boy is standing in front of a blue phone booth and pointing at the camera
How to build your own Tardis
How to build your own Tardis By Mark Ward Technology correspondent, BBC News
the tardis box is shown in three different angles
TARDIS 1976-1980
a blue phone booth with the words tardis on it
1976 Tardis - TARDIS Exterior
1976 Tardis from Doctor Who
six different tardishes lined up in the same row, each with an individual's name
404 Not Found
TARDIS through the Ages
an airplane is flying in the sky with blue lights on it's sides and bottom
Pantone 2955C - BBC Approved "TARDIS" blue
a blue police box is shown against a white background
The Blue Box Project
The Blue Box Project - TARDIS/Police Box Building