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a naked woman sitting on top of a bed
Très Blasé
Rosemary’s Baby (1968) | dir. Roman Polanski
a hand pointing at a piece of paper with words written in small letters on it
Très Blasé
All work and no...
From Dusk Till Dawn Films, Horror Films, Twister, Favorite Movies, Movie Tv, Pulp Fiction, Dawn Movie, Showgirls
From Dusk Till Dawn
The Blob Film Posters, Classic Films, The Criterion Collection, Sylvester Stallone, Movie Posters, Charles Bronson, Steve Mcqueen
fuck yeah, science fiction!
The Blob
a comic book cover for the house of mystery, with an image of a man being pulled
The Bristol Board
House of Mystery #236, 1975. Cover art by Bernie Wrightson
a man standing on top of a boat in the middle of the ocean with his head above water
The Ferryman on the river Styx.
a black and white poster with a skeleton holding a woman's face
Delicious Date
an old comic book cover for the incredible invisible man
The Bristol Board
Classic Jim Steranko cover from Supernatural Thrillers #2, published by Marvel, February 1973.
Day of the Dead Skull Art, Skull Tattoos, Girl Drawing, Girl, Chicano Art, Skull, La Catrina, Art Tattoo
xurves, xurves, and more xurves
Day of the Dead
a painting of a woman with her head in the bathtub
a movie poster for the future force starring david cardadine and john cager
Future Force
an advertisement for the movie dr killer
Driller Killer