put whatever u like

see put whatever u like do qhat u like but remember do the positive activities and dont give up do the best make ur own awesome
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"Tocado, tu coges."            ✿O.S inspirado en Tag, you're it de Me… #fanfic Fanfic #amreading #books #wattpad

And he calls himself and adult XD says the one with a dummy in his mouth

S T O P .. I T

Taehyung being insanely handsome, as always ♥ - wallpaper set Pure love for Armys ♥ © To their rightful owners

Hot or what?!|| JUST BTS TAEHYUNG

The whole time I was juggling paying attention to what he was saying, looking at his hands, and wanting his ring

Quando o Taehyung esquece q eh asiático e.

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