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Beef Rendang

RENDANG SAPI - Well cooked beef in a coconut sauce with a thousand of spices. The most delicious beef in the world.

beef rendang recipe- sub Tamari BLISS INDUCINGLY GOOD!! Replaced chillies with 1 birdseye and pinch chilli flakes. Up to 2 birdseyes next time. SPRING/ SUMMER

Beef Rendang - My Mother's Recipe

- Madiun Vegetables in Peanut Sauce-this looks like something I'd eat.

pecel is the most popular vegetables in peanut sauce ,almost always eaten as is, but pecel is sometimes eaten as is and sometimes accompanied with rice and called nasi pecel (pecel rice).

Indonesian Hot Spicy Eggplant Recipe (Terong Balado)

Indonesian Hot Spicy Eggplant Recipe (Terong Balado)

This is super delish dish that you will love. It& tangy and spicy., I mean really hot spicy. This dish is not for people with weak constitution. Terong balado (hot spicy eggplant) is traditional dish from Padang. For those who unfamiliar with.

Nasi Pecel Madiun (Pecel Rice Madiun style)

Nasi Pecel Madiun (Pecel Rice Madiun style), always delicious, should be served on a banana leaf.

Indonesian Chicken Curry Recipe (Gulai Ayam)

Indonesian chicken curry with lemongrass and lime leaf. It's not hard to make and keeps well for days.

"Lengko rice is a Javanese rice with mixed vegetables and crackers and all, soaked nicely with spicy peanut sauce. They have it for breakfast or brunch. Javanese loves to eat their rice with crackers and kecap manis. They apply those two on everything." -Indochine Kitchen

Nasi lengko / Sega lengko - Cirebon rice with fried tofu, fried tempe, beansprouts, cucumber, and peanut sauce