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Fifinela Raissa

Fifinela Raissa
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Suga fight. Remember we love you. You too Jungkook, prioritise your sleep, it's important

Don't take this lightly. (Iloveoppa,dontyellatme) Jonghyun said he wanted to rest at the end of his year. And Suga said he wanted to throw himself away. Do not take this too lightly.

I'm only pinning for V's gucci obsession XD

do you have to care abt the brand?

It's almost 1am and I should be getting to sleep but instead I'm cackling at the though of tae marrying a fish wow ok

We better go half-half on the colour theme coz pink is a no-go for me but I'm fine with him wearing the gown, he'd look prettier than me and the suit just looks more comfortable anyways XD

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