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Math Workstations

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How to Use Manipulatives Poster
Beginning of the Year Anchor Charts & Noun Unit - Ashleigh's Education Journey
Management of Math Manipulatives in Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

manipulatives anchor chart

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Fabulous Fourth Grade: Anchor Charts


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The I Can chart is based on our learnings thus far.


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math workstation award

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Up close of The Answer Is....a way to get the kids thinking about the different ways to get them to the same answer.  Perfect for problem solving and backward thinking.

problem solving station

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Math Games for Kids . Cyberchase | PBS KIDS

virtual games

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Using Powerpoint to Manage Centers Rotations | Tales from Outside the Classroom: Using Powerpoint to Manage Centers Rotations

powerpoints for math centers

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Free Math Flip Book - "I Can Add"... Follow for FREE "too-neat-not-to-keep" teaching tools & other fun stuff :)


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How to Scan QR Codes and Ideas for Classroom Use (mainly math)

qr codes

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Tips for Teaching with Math Games - how to teach sportsmanship so kids will have fun while playing games, whether they win or not!

partner charts

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Silent dice and worksheets for addition/multiplication activities
Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: Math Centers on Day 6!
Math Workshop based off Beth Newingham's idea of differentiation

math workstation storage ideas

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Math Centers Choice Board
math stations
Math Coach's Corner Place Value 'I Can' Cards and Choice Board

choice board

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Virtual Manipulatives: A super set of interactive maths tools which can help develop understanding of abstract concepts by exploring virtual objects.There are base ten blocks, counters, cubes, fractions, 2D and 3D shapes, a geoboard, weights to balance, game pieces, a protractor, ruler, and a stopwatch. All can be moved around workmats or gameboards to represent place value, fractions, decimals, weight, time or measures. Students can capture their knowledge using the text and drawing tools.

virtual tools

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Math Boxes - Individual math manipulative boxes labeled with the student's class number.  Each includes a compass, ruler, fraction tiles, base ten blocks, counters, beans, tangrams and dice.  Looking forward to more like fraction circles and calculators.  Saves tons of time in passing out materials and they have ownership of "their" math tools.

math toolkits

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Great informal assessment tool.  This idea was taken from Math Workstations by Debbie Dillar.

anecdotal note ideas

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Poster for classroom management!! A great way to help students know the procedures in your classroom!
Cooperative learning group roles anchor chart
Teaching With a Mountain View: Anchor Charts--> all of these are absolutely wonderful and I plan to use them a lot this year!!!

group anchor charts

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Fly Swatter. Partners call out a math fact while other swat the solution


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This free Decimal Place Value Center Activity is the perfect way to practice reading and writing decimals to the thousandths place in standard, word, and expanded form! This resource includes two different versions for easy differentiation and is perfect for 5th grade math students! Common Core Aligned: 5.NBT.3 #decimals #decimalplacevalue #fifthgrademath
math workshop
My newest creation: Popcorn multiplication and division. Facts are on yellow laminated construction paper and they go in the handy dandy 1$ popcorn container from Target. Mixed in are pieces that say "pop". Once they draw a pop card all of their collected pieces go back in the container. The player with the most popcorn wins

upper elementary

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transforming standards into math workstations
This could be easily adapted to any classroom! You could even add the standard somewhere in there. Neat idea!!

objective anchor chart

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Organizational Tip: Student Supplies

table jobs

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Self assessment rubric

self monitoring

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Math Center tips and strategies - Super Math Center Link Up on Corkboard Connections

hanging storage

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I Can anchor chart in the Math Center.

picture anchor chart

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A Place Called Kindergarten. Accountable talk for kids to use during math centers.
Accountable Talk for Math - Question and statement starters for students to engage in meaningful discussion about math.

math talk cards

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Math Coach's Corner: Low-Tech Math Workstations

I can chart

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