Men shouldn't say cooking and cleaning is a women's job only!!! That you prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for understanding

Gujarati loko pan aa ekdam sare ritey janey che (partytilfajr: “Bless you Malaysians for your Islamic Anime, God bless you.

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Autumn by on @deviantART

Assalamualaikum ^^ I Autumn but.there& no autumn season in my place. This art took me two days to finished it really satisfied with this one , Alhamdulillah --------------------------------------.

Hogwarts Hijaabi!    @Safiah AbdelJawad, @Razaan Barquni, @Meena Islam.  <3

Miss Merry of Hufflepuff! I was commissioned a while back by TheMerrysoul to draw her in Hogwarts uniform, Hufflepuff, if you please. Miss Merry of Hufflepuff

Diamond in the Sky by on @deviantART

try different style its fun~~ its been awhile i didn't draw Hijab girl.