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Set up face and mouth to rig for The Trump & Jesus Show. The Trump & Jesus Show is a short film that draws a direct contrast between the personalities of Donald Trump and Jesus Christ.

toine-kun:I tried a little animation of Samus, my current main character in She’s so weak in this version of Smash, but I still love her close-up gameplay…(OMG DAT BACK AIR)

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I don’t have many walk cycles under my belt yet. They are a bit rough but I aim to improve! Even so, I still hope some of my fellow Night in the Woods fans find enjoyment in this one! As a side note I.

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PixelArtus is a sideproject by which is dedicated to the Power of Pixel Art. Additional PixelProspector sideprojects can be found here PixelArtus Overview Page (games with pixel art,.