Dunia Jilbab

Dunia Jilbab

Bandung / Inspirasi Muslimah Menuju Hijrah. :) Wadah berbagi kebaikan dan hal positif. | CP: infoppdije@gmail.com
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No judgements here, we are all beautiful creations of Allah....some people just haven't had the fortune of reading the Quran yet.

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In prayer, we talk to Allah When we read Quran, Allah talks to us.

Don't waste water, even if you're at a running stream. - Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Do you want to learn more about Islam but don't know how? Here's some tips -

After performing salah you can read this prayer

-Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) Said: "A man will be raised in status in Paradise and will say: 'Where did this come from?' And it will be said:' From your son's praying for forgiveness for you.'" - Hadith - Beauty of Islam - Honoring One's Parents