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All About Tiger's Eye Stone

tiger eye, clear quartz, fluorite, pink fluorite, obsidian, green wood jasper, lapis, aventurine, rutilated quartz, and labradorite - polished crystal points

Blue Stone Necklace Kyanite Spiritual by WildPeopleFreeSpirit, $47.00

Jade is a lucky gemstone that creates harmony of the mind, body and spirit. It helps to instill prosperity and wealth into all areas of your life. #jade #crystals #healing

I have the greatest admiration for Jill of Twisted Sister Arts on Etsy. She is by far one of the greatest Artisans, I have had the honor of knowing. I own one of her Gothic Steampunk Eyes. Gothic Steampunk Bronze Evil Eye Pin by twistedsisterarts, $149.95

Discover this Maori Jade Double Twist and be impressed ...

Jade is also a protective stone, guarding against accidents and misfortune. Place a piece of jade between two purple candles and let the candles burn for a short while. Then carry the jade with you as a protection amulet. attracts love and money

White gold ring with jade, spinel and diamond fine jewelry collection of Bulgari .

JADEITE AND DIAMOND RING. The highly translucent oval jadeite cabochon of intense emerald green colour, to stylised mount set with brilliant-cut diamonds together weighing approximately 3.00 carats, mounted in 18 karat white gold. Ring size: 6½ Cabochon approximately 23.62 x 19.72 x 12.60mm.

Dreamtime Jade Sphere - the name alone is so mystical.