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Dwi Paila Sofi
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Chanyeol stop ruining my life!! My life is complicated enough as it because of you!! Stupid sexy koreans!!

Chanyeol stop ruining my life! My life is complicated enough as it because of you! <<<< he is a bias wrecker. I just wanna know if he can really play football.

Baekhyun// SMTown Coex Artium stationary set

I need a new set of ovaries

Omg baekhyun and Chanyeol !! *-* They're so adorable!! ♥♥

kekeke Baekhyun is like: "Aigo this guy~ the ships are true~ Chanyeol is my boyfriend keke~" *BaekYeol laughs* Chanyeol: "keke yeah i approve of this~!

EXO's Baekhyun and Chanyeol

Baekyeol my favorite two boys!

#ParkChanyeol #EXOChanyeol

#ParkChanyeol #EXOChanyeol

Dear Wu Yi Fan, please don't leave your 10 sons, your good wife ( suho ) and us ! WE ARE ONE ! #WeBeliveInYouKris pic.twitter.com/lyEmFV6Fky

Lotte Duty Free Magazine May 2014 Issue

fake subs are my favourite thing... if Kai's wasn't a play on english words i could honestly hear him saying that. Dork.

Exo fake subs