BATIK of Javanese [Indonesian] origin | Batik is Indonesian Culture!!!

BATIK of Javanese [Indonesian] origin is melted wax applied to cotton cloth. In Yogyakarta , I watched fascinated as tradition.

Yale University Art Gallery, Shield, Kayan or Kenyah, Indonesia, Borneo, 19th Century, Wood with pigment

Kayan or Kenyah,shield Borneo, Century, Wood with pigment

Dayaknese Pattern by on @deviantART

Dayaknese (modification) pattern Hornbills and dragons are in this pattern In Dayak mythology, the majestic and mighty hornbill is the symbol of the majesty of the 'upper world' while on the other .

Dayak Ornamet by on @deviantART

Dayak tribe ornament (Borneo) on corel painter (part of my final assignment) 2007 dayak ornamet

BP37 by WikiMechanics, via Flickr

BP37 by WikiMechanics, via Flickr