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an open porch with chairs and tables under a roof that has words written on it
a book shelf filled with lots of books
mengagumi yang bukan milikku, sekedar melihat senyum madunya ntah tertuju pada siapa, itu sudah lebih dari cukup
the rain is falling down on the window and cars are parked in front of it
an open book sitting on top of a table next to a pot filled with flowers
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Lelah, berjuang sendiri.
an image of the ocean at sunset with a poem written on it
an image of a bed in the dark with text on it that reads, 3 / 10c
the sky is very blue and there are clouds in the background with words written on it
a person's hand reaching up into the sky with sunlight coming through it and an advertisement on the ceiling
a person riding a skateboard on the side of a road in front of palm trees
black and white photograph of various items on the floor, including an open box with writing
a house with rain falling on the roof and potted plants in front of it
a black background with the words yadah sappa written in white
an old building with wooden windows and vines on the outside
a person's hand resting on a blanket with the words, kau memang acka