Dyah Indri

Dyah Indri

indonesia / Hello! I'm indri. I'm really into art and craft, especially paper crafts. I haven't had any inventions yet but many creative people here inspire me.
Dyah Indri
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Paper House model downloads - potential glitter houses

These are 14 house papercraft from projekt-bastelbogen. They are typical German architecture building paper model. They are very good scene materials.

Ana Serrano

After falling in love with Mexican American born designer Ana Serrano 's building installation Cartonlandia that features on the cove.

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This image showcases a fun and interesting v-fold style design and how to execute that. I think that being such a simple method of creating a pop up that doesn't leave any messy tabs or big gaps of space behind the design.

Owen Gatley  “‘Pop-Up Book’, This pop-up book follows a small boy’s daily walk with his dog. No sooner have they set out, when the boy’s imagination takes them over and allows them to visit distant lands. As the book progresses the magical dog turns into different animals taking the boy through dramatic landscapes, only to return home safely at the end of it all.”

We have just started our two-week project for Hallmark Card Company, the theme is based on Monty Pythons flying Circus. We have been asked to create a paper gift concept of our choosing, either a c.