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Baby Teething Tubes Benefits Babies (And Moms!)
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8 Awesome Father's Day Crafts for Kids
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an article about how to write a birthday card
All About Home Safety and Your Baby
Do you need help getting the body you’ve always dreamed of?😫 Let us help you!🤩 Checkout our top of the line waist trainers!😍 #babystuffyouneed
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Hidden In Plain Sight - Prepper Storage Solutions - PrepperZine #livingroomcolourschemes
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Party Ideas
Birthday kid gets a ballon avalanche when he/she opens the door in the AM. Pinned this before but this one uses crepe paper to hold the balloons instead of a sheet of plastic, which is way better! Cuz then they get to rip through the paper!
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Ten-Pin Tuesday
Celebrate half birthdays! Kids love adding 1/2 to their age and its a great excuse for cake!
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New baby hacks lifehacks parents 59+ Ideas
New baby hacks lifehacks parents 59+ Ideas #baby
a clipboard with clothes pins attached to it
CHORE CHART! Clipboard with magnets on fridge... binder clips to flip when chores are completed!
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After School Rules
After School Rules - print out this sheet and use to help your afternoons run smoother.