Raihan Dzaky Muhammad

Raihan Dzaky Muhammad

Raihan Dzaky Muhammad
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XJ9 ( Jenny )

Wallpaper and background photos of ( Jenny ) for fans of Jenny's Sisters from My Life As A Teenage Robot images.

military tank land Don't get me wrong I like Marvel but I like DC a lot more and it's high time they came out of hiding and started kicking ass.. http://www.moneymonkeyanmore.com/

How to draw a tank - How to draw a motorbike - how to draw a Jeep - warfare - vehicle drawing reference sheet

How I draw wolves/canines by TheShadowedGrim.deviantart.com on @deviantART:

I would have called this a tutorial, only it really isn't all that accurate to real wolf anatomy-- and isn't a complete tutorial. It's just how I tend t. How I draw wolves/canines