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DesertRose::: Allahumma Aameen

Dua for Protection from all serious and life-threatening illnesses: "Allah humma inni AA-oothu bika minal junoo-ni wal juthaami wal barasi wa sayyi-il asqaam." Oh Allah, I seek Your refuge from insanity, mutilation, leprosy and from all serious illnesses.

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What Is Quran and faith On sacred books. The Qur’an represents the fountainhead of Divine guidance for every Muslim. Its revelation to the Prophet Muhammad.

Ya Allah, don't punish us if we err or forget

I Love Allah

A wonderful wonderful prayer from the Quran, taught by God Himself -

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O Allah, build me a house near You in jannah


ALLAH will be help you whenever you need!

Dispatchers of Allah : Photo

Dispatchers of Allah : Photo Ameen 🙏🏽☪️


DesertRose///Quran: The All Hearer

DesertRose... Dua'a

*Peace between millions of Muslims, Christians, Buddhists - we are being manipulated against one another slow wars by The United States of Israel *

Doa Dhuha

Ahmad Rifaie Al Ahmadi Idrisi

Solat Dhuha

Solat Dhuha