I'm so sad because I just realised is a project group which means in 1.5 years that have to break up since they belong to different entertainment agencies and stuff like that is going to break my heart when that happens because I love them so much and I think they're such a great group all together feels like they were meant to be together honestly these four of these 11 boys I'm perfect and I'm going to follow them or after they disband but for now let's not talk about that let's just enjoy

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Wannaone x EIDER

Wanna one my loves🍒🌙

Wanna One

Hot quá hot, các chàng Wanna One được trả thù lao gấp 3 lần I.

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Wanna one nation To be one

W A N N A - O N E

Wanna One Energetic

Wanna One | To be One

Wanna One | To be One

kang daniel pics (@kangdanielpd101) | Twitter

Wanna One Dikonfirmasi Akan Tampil di Happy Together 3

“ Wanna One x GQ ”

“ Wanna One x GQ ”

Wanna One

Wanna One Hearts

“Wanna One | Wanna One Photo ”

Photo Shot - Nothing Without You


Signature members Wanna One

Wanna One 1st Look Photo Shoot

Look - Wanna One Kang Daniel - Park Jihoon - Lee Daehwi - Ong Seongwoo - Kim Jaehwan - Park Woojin - Lai Guanlin - Yoon Jisung - Hwang Minhyun - Bae Jinyoung - Ha Sungwoon

Wanna One

"Produce 101 Season created group Wanna One is in high demand these days.

171126 Wanna One at Eider fansign

171126 Wanna One at Eider fansign