Watercolor Artwork by Esther BeLer Wodrich

Collection by Esther BeLer Wodrich


Watercolor art by artist Esther BeLer Wodrich. These are strictly watercolor only. More Watercolor, pen and ink work can be found on the Architecture Series Board.

Esther BeLer Wodrich
"Brothers" is a watercolor painting of two boys enjoying snacks on a red bench by artist Esther BeLer Wodrich

Brothers | Esther BeLer Wodrich

These little brothers are the bestest of buds. They are my two youngest, and at their current ages of almost 6 and 8 they remain the closest of friends. This watercolor painting was created from a reference photo that taken when the boys were about 5 and 3 while sitting outside a Target store enjoying a snack. […]

Watercolor painitng of the ocean at Cabo San Lucas including the arch and pelicans by artist Esther BeLer Wodrich. Originals and prints available for sale at www.estherbeler.com/shop.

Pelicans at Cabo San Lucas and Back to School | Esther BeLer Wodrich

I’m calling this one a #throwbackthursday since it’s taken me nearly 8 weeks to get this posted. I’m still figuring out this new all-the-kids-in-school-all-day routine along with the whole balancing-a-lot-of-design-work thing. So, today, I’ll #throwback to the first day of school. To say I was a little excited for ALL 4 of my kids to be attending […]

Watercolor painting of road heading back to Phoenix from Flagstaff at 4000 feet -Esther BeLer Wodrich

Heading Down | Esther BeLer Wodrich

Watercolor 20″x12″

A private commission watercolor painting of an Arizona Landscape, including golf course and red mountains -Esther BeLer Wodrich

Arizona Landscape | Esther BeLer Wodrich

Watercolor 22″ x 10″ Private Commission Contact esther@estherbeler.com for more information on private commission.

Waters off of Lahaina - Watercolor of boats on the water at Lahaina, Maui

Waters off of Lahaina | Esther BeLer Wodrich

Watercolor 21″ x 14″

Little Chefs - Watercolor painting of two children helping cook in the kitchen.

Little Chefs | Esther BeLer Wodrich

Watercolor 12.5″ x 9.5″ 2013 Surprise City Hall “Art Encounters” Exhibit 2014 Exhibited at Avondale City Hall

Tucson Mountains - Watercolor of mountains in Tucson with some desert brush in the foreground.

Tucson Mountains | Esther BeLer Wodrich

Watercolor 23″ x 8.5″ Donated to John C. Lincoln Hospital (benefitting breast cancer research)

La Jolla - Watercolor of a boy at the beach in San Diego holding a bucket and shovel.

La Jolla | Esther BeLer Wodrich

Watercolor 8″ x 14″ 2013 Surprise City Hall “Art Encounters” Exhibit 2014 Exhibited at Avondale City Hall

“I Love You” - a small watercolor of the beach in San Diego at sunset

"I Love You" | Esther BeLer Wodrich

Watercolor 6″ x 4″ 2010 RO120 Art Show for Arizona Christian Worldview Institute

Commuting - A watercolor of a BNSF train heading from Naperville to Chicago

Commuting | Esther BeLer Wodrich

Watercolor 9″ x 13″

Flying Kites - A watercolor of a young girl flying a kite in the middle of the road.

Flying Kites | Esther BeLer Wodrich

Watercolor 19″ x 12″

Carving the Tree - guache painting of birch trees with initials carved into it

Carving the Tree | Esther BeLer Wodrich

Guache 12″ x 6″