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Alexi Laiho - Children of Bodom
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Total Existence Failure

littlecupcakee: “ I WANT THAT T-SHIRT! ”

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are You dead yet?

my name is xochitl i like: classical music, art, books,movies,anime,sexy things, alexi laiho and cob, folk metal, black metal heavy metal, viking metal, thrash metal and death metal... love pizza and horror movies... i have an open mind so is too easy be...

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Photo by Vika Vika

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i survived lake bodom: Photo

Children of Bodom. Per "Dead" Ohlin. Wintersun. Turisas. Sabaton. Watain. Game of Thrones. The Walking Dead. snow. forests. blood. whatever.

Alexi Laiho in Moscow 2017 photo by Anna Novak
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Alexi Laiho in Moscow 2017 photo by Anna Novak

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It's time for a Children of Bodom post and some ~sexaaay metal!

Children of Bodom North American Tour Dates + Bonus! A Compilation of the Best Alexi Laiho Pictures Ever Finlands own Children of Bodom have just announced the dates for their upcoming 2012 North American tour. The tour celebrates Bodoms 15th anniversary as a band, and featured…

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