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Are you a beginner interested in witchcraft? Learn how to become a witch! Witchcraft for beginners, beginner witchcraft spells, witchcraft aesthetic, witchcraft diy potions, witchcraft altar, witchcraft tattoos, witchcraft sigils, witchcraft books, witchcraft crystals, witchcraft herbs, witchcraft crafts, witchcraft symbols, witchcraft quotes, witchcraft dark, witchcraft art, witchcraft tups, witchcraft rituals, witchcraft history, witchcraft supplies

Eclectic Witchcraft: Money Spells, Paganism, & Law of Attraction
Store your moon water in a mason jar or mini witch bottle. #witch #witchcraft #pagan #wicca Wicca, Magick, Witchcraft, Pagan, Moon Meaning, Witch Bottles, Witch Spell, Mini Glass Bottles, Under The Moon

Where To Store Moon Water: Keeping Your Magick Water Safe

Moon water is a powerful ally for all witches. But where do you store it when you're not using it? Learn about how to store your moon water now.

Peaceful zen meditation with binaural beats and nature sounds #meditation #binaural #witch #witchcraft #pagan #wicca #youtube Guided Meditation For Anxiety, Meditation Crystals, Meditation For Beginners, Meditation Benefits, Meditation Quotes, Meditation Techniques, Chakra Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Wicca

Peace & Nature Meditation | Binaural Beats | Law Of Attraction For Peace

This 30 minute video will help you dive deep into a peaceful state. The binaural beats used will pull your deeper and deeper into yourself, allowing you to w...

These are the beginner witch research topics to help you become a witch.

How to become a witch for beginners

If you're a beginner witch, you don't know what you don't know. Use this handy list to help guide your research and magick studies.

2 ingredient spell that works to draw in happiness and joy and banish depression and anxiety. #witch #witchcraft #pagan #wicca Witchcraft Spells, Healing Spells, Candle Magic, Candle Spells, Human Emotions, Negative Emotions, Happiness Spell, Revenge Spells, Spells For Beginners

Happiness Spell: 2 Ingredients To Ward Off Depression

This happiness spell will help you to fight off depression and return to your happier, more relaxed self in stressful situations.

What herb do you need? Find out based on your birth month. Herbs for witchcraft. Herbs witch. List of herbs for witchcraft. Basic herbs for witchcraft. Essential healing and protection herbs for witchcraft. Witch herbs. Magic herbs. Magick herb meanings.

What herb are you? Fire elemental herbs edition.

Elemental correspondences aren't necessary for most spell, but they can be extremely helpful to boost the effectiveness of a spell or ritual.

Archangel Sandalphon is a wonderful Teacher of Light to call upon whenever you need help with music, worry about your prayers being heard, need more gentleness and humility, or need help manifesting your desires! Read the post for who this amazing Archangel is, and how to call on him in times of need! #archangelsandalphon #archangels #spirituality #sandalphonarchangel #thearchangelsandalphon Psychic Development, Self Development, Archangel Sandalphon, Gentleness, Spirit Science, Law Of Attraction Quotes, Higher Consciousness, Lucid Dreaming, Spiritual Gifts

Archangel Sandalphon: THE Definitive Guide - Strength Essence

This definitive guide on ARCHANGEL SANDALPHON answers FAQ + how to work with, pray to, and invoke Archangel Sandalphon's gentle and musical energy!

Bless your cats with a spell that asks Bast to protect them. Bast goddess from Egyptian mythology. Pagan goddess Bast symbols. Bast goddess candle. Bast goddess correspondences. Bast goddess prayer. Bast goddess altar and offerings. #egyptian #witch #witchcraft #pagan #wicca

EASY blessing spell: Egyptian goddess Bast to bless your cats

Bless your cats with Bast's warm gaze by performing this spell at night. Bast is a protective and motherly goddess that adores cats.

New years eve ritual bath recipes. How to do a ritual bath. What is a ritual bath? Ritual bathtubs. Ritual bath benefits. Cleansing bath ritual. Goddess bath ritual. Ritual bath Wicca. Ritual bath anxiety. #witch #witchcraft #pagan #wicca

Ultimate ritual bath spells for Wicca

A spiritually refreshing way to start off the new year. Start 2020 off right with an herbal bath that will remove bad energy!

Strategies to stay positive during New Years. Positive law of attraction manifestation affirmations. I am affirmations. Positive quotes for life encouragement daily. Gratitude quotes for positive energy. 2020 new years affirmations mantra. Happy new years positive motivation for resolutions. #witch #witchcraft #pagan #wicca

ULTIMATE New Year Affirmations

50 badass positive affirmations for a witchy new year. Manifest a better life and higher vibrations while using the law of attraction.

What is the etymology for the pagan sabbats? How do you pronounce the witch holidays? #witch #witchcraft #pagan #wicca Solstice Festival, Summer Solstice, What Is Beltane, Wicca, Pagan, Anglo Saxon Kingdoms, Old English Words, Ancient Goddesses, How To Pronounce

How To Say The 8 Witch Sabbats

It can be hard to pronounce the names of the 8 witch's sabbats. These holidays are important to many witches, so learn how to say their names!

Some call it a grimoire (pronounced grim-war), and some call it a Book of Shadows. And some even use the word interchangeably. But is there a difference? #bookofshadows #beginnerwitch #witchcraft Witchcraft Books, Magick Spells, Pagan, Wicca, Real Spells, Grimoire Book, Metaphysical Store, Spiritual Enlightenment, Spirituality

Grimoire vs. Book of Shadows | Magick and the Moon

Some call it a grimoire (pronounced grim-war), and some call it a Book of Shadows. And some even use the word interchangeably. But is there a difference?

Winter solstice traditions: Why witches celebrate Yule instead of Christmas. Pagan Christmas traditions. Happy winter solstice. #yule #christmas #witch #witchcraft #pagan #wicca

Why Yule Is Necessary

Yule is a holiday that taps into the eternal cycle of life and death and the battle between light and dark. It reminds us that…

Lilith goddess crystals to harness Lilith energy in your life. Lilith mythology. Lucifer and Lilith. Lilith demon. Lilith goddess aesthetic. Working with lady Lilith. Pagan goddess Lilith. Demonalatry demons altar. Demonology facts. Pagan activism. Demonic symbols. Demons occult. Witchcraft demonology. Left hand path magick. Left hand path vs right hand path. Occult left hand path aesthetic witch truths. Occult magick spells. witchcraft for beginners altars. Curses witchcraft revenge.

Dark goddess Lilith

Harness Lilith energy with crystals for Lilith. Lilith is a dark goddess with much to teach every woman and activists. All about the goddess Lilith.

Learn palmistry, and ancient form of psychic divination. Chiromancy tips and tricks for witches and paganism. #witch #witchcraft #pagan #wicca

The Beginner's Guide To Palmistry, Or Chiromancy - Eclectic Witchcraft

Please note that posts on this site may contain affiliate linksIf you have ever wanted to learn more about palmistry, look no further. This will be your starter guide to the world of reading palms. We will delve into the…Read More→

What to do for Halloween as a beginner witch: Baby witch tips for Samhain 2020. Halloween sigils. Host a bonfire. Cast spells that work. Meditate outside. Set up a Samhain witch altar. #witch #witchcraft #samhain #halloween #pagan #wicca Wiccan Witch, Magick Spells, Wicca Witchcraft, Samhain Halloween, Happy Halloween, Make Happy, Are You Happy, Samhain Traditions, Samhain Ritual

Samhain Rituals: Add Witchcraft To Your Happy Halloween

Make your happy Halloween more sacred by injecting paganism into your festivities. Samhain is my favorite holiday, and these tips will make it your...

Air element witchcraft and herbalism. #witch #witchcraft #pagan #wicca Wicca, Magick, Witchcraft, Pagan, Witch Photos, Witch's Garden, Money Magic, Witch Herbs, Crunchy Granola

Herbs and Plants for Witchcraft: Air Element Herbs - Eclectic Witchcraft

Air element plants will help you to add the element of Air to your witchcraft spells easily. Learn the correspondences so you can make your own magick,