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a wooden box with an electric guitar on it's back and strings attached to the top
Travel Guitar
Travel Guitar Fen Travel Guitar Headphone Amp #guitarpick #guitarrock #TravelGuitar
an old wooden guitar case sitting on the ground
Old school
a miniature guitar sitting on top of a wooden table
Cigar Box Ukulele | Etsy
Looks really cool, but I wonder how hard it is to play? I hate to be a wet blanket, but seriously. :P
an old wooden box sitting in the snow with a guitar on it's back
Door guitar
Door guitar
an old guitar is laying on the floor
B-Bender on a Cigar Box Guitar? Say it ain't so!
B-Bender on a Cigar Box Guitar? Say it ain't so! - Telecaster Guitar Forum
an electric guitar made out of wood and metal
Cigar Box Banjo
The Glitsch Rat Edition Junksville Guitar
an old style guitar sitting in the grass
Crossroads memorial resonator
Crossroads memorial resonator
a close up of a person holding a wooden instrument in their hand and the strings are attached to it
Cigar Box Guitar
Cigar Box Guitar