Edo Satria

Edo Satria

Edo Satria
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EDR 1152 Monkey D. Luffy

bangs black_background black_hair blood blood_on_face brown_eyes eyelashes injury licking light_particles looking_at_viewer male_focus monkey_d_luffy monochrome one_piece parted_lips portrait realistic scratches solo spot_color teeth tongue tongue_out

EDR 1146 Revolution Army The Number Two Sabo

‘EDR 1146 Revolution Army The Number Two Sabo’ by gsatriaedo

EDR 1150 Nico Robin

Anime picture with one piece toei animation nico robin shitsu soku k long hair single looking at viewer simple background purple eyes lips monochrome realistic portrait black sparkle partially colored girl

EDR 1148 Nami The Navigator

Không thể ngờ nhân vật One Piece bước ra đời thực lại chất lừ như thế này

EDR 1147 Vinsmoke Sanji

Post with 1218 votes and 84134 views. Shared by Znrgy. Realistic One Piece Character Drawings