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Kumonryu - "nine crested dragon" legend has it that the name was derived from a dragon transforming into a cloud racing thru the sky.  Always Doitsu (koi with no scales other than enlarged scales along the lateral line and two lines running either side of the dorsal fin).  The unstable sumi (black) runs from head to tail and should have the effect of ink calligraphy.  A magic fish, the pattern is highly variable and can change dramatically over a short time.

Seeing is believing as they say and the Kumonryu (koo – mon –roo) variety of koi is probably the most fascinating of them all. See and learn how Kumonryu (translated means “Nine Crested Dragon”) are different from other koi varieties.

Implantlogyca Dental Office Interiors / Antonio Sofan Architect LEED AP

Nobody likes to go to the dentist but there's this trick that dental offices employ to fool our minds. By giving the dental office design features that mak