Eggy Septiyara Putra

Eggy Septiyara Putra

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Fancy - Peace Neon Sign …

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Martin Creed: Work No. 338 THINGS 2004 White neon 6 in / 15.2 cm high; 1 second on / 1 second off

omfg thanks for 3.1K! ilyasm and i feel like i dont say it enough. so i love you guys... thanks so muchhhhh!! agh

Our take on a Houston symbol that became a cultural phenomenon - the Double Cup. Our neon glass is handcrafted and filled with a mixture of noble gasses, then electrified to create that iconic neon gl

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Unique, handmade, custom NEON signs. Based in Milan. We create neon light installations for your needs. This is our BULB for you! Here’s what you