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Wireless Electricity? How the Tesla Coil Works

Nikola Tesla created the Tesla coil, which allows wireless transfer of electricity. Here's how the Tesla coil works.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla: Everything You Need to Know About the Man Behind the Science

Tesla’s inventions are some of the most widely used technologies of the modern era. He work forever changed our world. Here’s how.

Nikola Tesla. Fascinating fact: Tesla never slept for more than two hours a day. Tesla got more out of the day with his limited sleep schedule. Like Da Vinci, Telsa also followed the Uberman sleep cycle and claimed to never sleep for more than two hours a day and reportedly once worked for 84 hours in a lab without any rest or sleep.

What happened to forgotten papers of Nikola Tesla? | EEP

After Nikola Tesla died, there was a scramble by the United States government to find all of his papers notes and research before other foreign powers

Nikola Tesla.

Tesla Coils: How They Work

How a tesla coil works and how to build one is explained in easy everyday terms

Transformateur Tesla de Kurt Schraner

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Stunning infographic art series

Two types of infographic populate the many crevices of the internet: those which present complex information in a readily-grasped fashion thanks to thoughtf...

Tesla, a genius who should not be forgotten / Crazyhorsebooks



Tesla Invented Radio, Not Marconi! | Tesla Universe

Tesla Invented Radio, Not Marconi! from the Tesla Universe Article Collection

Get Your History Correct and Give Credit Where Credit is Due Okay, I am probably as guilty as you in believing that Marconi actually invented radio. But he did not and it has taken decades – actually,...

Nikola Tesla — The World's Sorcerer | Tesla Universe

Nikola Tesla - The World's Sorcerer from the Tesla Universe Article Collection

Almost completely forgotten by American historians, the complex genius Nikola Tesla made monumental contributions in the past century that clearly reach into modem times. The Croatian-born scientist...

Nikola Tesla harnessed the power of Niagara Falls into the first hydroelectric power plant, constructed a bath designed to cleanse the human body of germs using nothing but electricity, and created a 130-foot long bolt of lightning from one of his massive coils (a feat which to this day remains the world record for man-made lightning), but perhaps his most badass invention was his face-melting, tank-destroying, super-secret Atomic Death Ray.

Nikola Tesla

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Nikola Tesla Poster 18 x 24in

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Nikola Tesla Death Ray in action

Nikola Tesla Death Ray

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