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Skiing? Yup. Kayaking? Yup. Ultimate? Yup. BBQ & a cold beer afterwards? You'd better believe it!
Ted Wilson
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Making Bacon at home! Honey cured. . .Hickory smoked. . .

Making bacon at is awesome! With just a few ingredients and sweet time you can make the ultimate food yourself! Read all about it.

Texas-Style Brisket

Virgil’s Real Barbecue in NYC cooks a Texas brisket that transports New Yorkers from Times Square to the Lone Star State. In the recently released Virgil’s Barbecue Road Trip Cookbook, Neal Corman walks us through replicating the iconic dish at home.

Honda XR600 custom motorcycle by CRD

Here’s the latest custom to roll out of the Madrid workshop of Cafe Racer Dreams. Once again, there’s an off-road influence—but this time, the Spanish workshop has taken a dirt bike and realigned it for road use, rather than the other way round.