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30 most romantic and heartfelt love quotes
a young man holding flowers in his hand
Boys, Boyfriend Material, Ulzzang, Random, Luvs
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Sci-Fi Swords by Kalephrex #Weapons Sci Fi, Science Fiction, Sci-fi Sword, Sci Fi Weapons, Weapon Concept Art, Fantasy Weapons, Sci, Concept Weapons, Blades Weapons
Horton Crossbows
Sci-Fi Swords by Kalephrex #Weapons
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// I fell in love with your soul because I listened to your heart, maybe we'll be in love someday. And I would like you to know you resemble me so much that I'm scared you are hurt and broken down as well// Edit and quote by @lurodry || @luciamena18
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Soobin - TXT