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El Nino and La Nina – Graphic of the Day

word- La Nina definition-a cooling of the water in the equatorial Pacific that occurs at irregular intervals and is associated with widespread changes in weather patterns example- it is the opposite of what it is supposed to do

Volcanoes click here: http://ift.tt/2jdQECi

Volcanoes - How hot is lava? What is the difference between a cinder and a caldera? Examine the cross-section of a volcano, learn about different volcanic formations and how their eruptions differ, and compare the temperatures of lava to magma.

Sundogs. What are they? How do they form?   ⎜Infographic by Weather Underground⎜For more infographics, visit wunderground.com

The Sundogs infographic by Weather Underground describes how light from the sun refracts off ice crystals to portray a half-circle around the sun. Due to the specific angles required for this phenomenon, Sundogs usually occur at sunrise and sunset.