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Labyrinth by baba49

Labyrinth by baba49

Whirlwind Of Colors by baba49

Fractal Art - Tool: Apophysis Edit: February 16 - Now this even got a title thanks to dear Whirlwind Of Colors

Flower Emerging From Chaos by baba49

Submission for Apophysis Challenge [link] by Please note: The parameters added below are for information and practice purposes, use them but don’t p. Flower Emerging From Chaos

Lily Of The Valley by baba49

Lily Of The Valley by baba49

Stroposcope by baba49

Stroposcope by on DeviantArt

Crazy Christmas Ball by baba49

Apophysis and 'S "Animate It Script" [link] to make the animation. - Do not use without my permission Crazy Christmas Ball

Foci by baba49

My submission for the January Apophysis Contest for details please check here: [link] The fractal is based on ~PillMaster's Foci & Unpolar Tutorials.