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Honda Concept - Billionaire Boys Club

The 2015 Honda CB750 Concept designed independently of Honda by Igor Chak. via

Wave or Ola or Mexican Wave or La Ola | 3D CAD Model Library

I saw a video on YT with this model made of wood ( It didn't have details about construction, s...

Cardan Joint

(hit the 2x) This is a Cardan Joint (or Universal Joint). Its velocity is not constant -- check out the attachment to see the math describing the variation in speed.

3D Mekanik Gifler

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Rotation to Sliding || Animated mechanism || Download free 3D cad models #100023

Rotation to Sliding The animation and renderings were made by using the Inventor Studio module. Software: STEP / IGES,...

Механика для любознательных. Узловые механизмы в гифках.

Отличная подборка! Оригинал взят у lidavetta в Механика для любознательных. Узловые механизмы в гифках. Пожалуй, соберу я гифки с узловыми механизмами в одно место, надоело их каждый раз выискивать по всему интернету. Здесь будут самые-самые простые механизмы, из которых потом собираются большие и…

Private GIF

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Reciprocating Geneva Dwell Mechanism | 3D CAD Model Library

Just an idea I had the other day, while seeing some of my old models. This one was based on