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an electric bike is shown in front of a blue wall with lights and lines on it
E-bike News: New E-bikes from Ride1Up, Fiido, Crowncrusier, MV Augusta and Blix
a woman riding a bike with a trailer attached to it
Ebike News: Senate Set to Look at E-bike Tax Credits, More E-cargobikes from Raleigh
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Ebike News: Giant’s New Motor and E-MTB, Bafang 2-speed Hub, New Cube E-folder & Lots More!
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Ebike News: Juiced go Step-Through, More Euro-lightweights, Serial 1 Head to Europe and Lots More!
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New E-bikes from Rad Power Bikes, Dahon, GT and Norco
It’s great to see e-bike companies doing all they can to offer ever better e-bikes and it’s interesting to see just how they go about it. For Rad Power Bikes it’s about making just about everything on the bike a bit better or easier to use as typified by the RadRover 6, just announced. For Dahon it’s about bringing mid-motor power to the world of small-wheeled and relatively lightweight commuting style folders – something not often done.
a black and blue bicycle is shown against a white background with no one around it
eBikeNews: Pivot’s New Carbon, Revel NY eBike Subscription, Futuristic eScooters
- Pivot’s First Drop Bar, Carbon eBike - Crow Crowdfunds eGravel Bike - Revel’s New Subscription Only eBike - Dragon Hyperscooter a Step Closer? - More eMobility for Scotland - Will Michelin Minimise their Carbon Footprint with Windpower? -LEVA-EU’s Radical Zero Emission Vehicle Proposals
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eBike News: Federal Tax Credits, Bergamont eFolder, Gocycle Teaser
- US Bill Giving Tax Credits for eBike Purchase Starts it Way through Congress - Frikar – the Latest eBike Car Announces Prices - Bergamont’s Funky Looking New eFolder - Gocycle Teaser Info on Brand New Model - Magic Tour Mode for Bosch Mid-drives Announced by Moustache - eBike Workstand - eBike Inspiration from How to Buy and eBike Video - UK’s Halfords Launch Own Brand Scooter
an electric bike is shown on a white background
Rad Power Bikes' RadRover 6 Plus Debut
Leading e-bike brand Rad Power Bikes just announced their all-new RadRover. It's a follow up to their popular fat-tire e-bike, and it comes with a slew of updated components. Head to the link for all the details.
an electric bike is shown on a white background
eBike News: NYC Bridge Cycle Lanes, Cannondale, MAXX, Esel, OYO eBikes
- Bike Lanes for NYC Bridges - Cannondale’s New Comfort-Oriented Adventure Neo Range - MAXX Introduces Range Powered by Shimano’s EP8 - Esel’s Wooden eBikes - Oyo’s Hydraulic Drivetrain - Pollution Sensing, Indicating and Self-driving eScooters! - Meet the Lilium eJet - eCargo Updates from Bristol, UK and the Netherlands - Utah Gears Up for the Big Gear Show
the front wheel of a bicycle is shown in this 3d image, and it appears to be spinning
eBike Industry Interviews: Bimotal Elevate With CEO Toby Ricco
We are always excited about new innovations in the ebike market and the new Elevate from Bimotal is a premium removable powertrain that is lightweight and powerful. We have been keeping an eye on this product and recently we were able to have a conversation with Toby Ricco, CEO and founder of Bimotal
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eBike News; Juiced, Peugeot, 50 Cycles New eBikes Plus Snow Cycling eBike History
- Juiced Scorpion Blurs the Line between Bike and eBike - New Peugeot City Crossover Model - 50 Cycles Brose-powered 2021 Range - LEAOS Rocket Powers into the Urban Lightweight Category - New Stylish Bike Bags from Chrome - Portland’s Biketown eBike Share Steps up a Gear - Successful Snow Cycling in Finland - Vintage eBikes from the UK - Idaho Stop Coming to New York State?
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eBike News: PWR Dual Drive, Cairn, Dutch ID, Secure Parking
- PWR Two Wheel Drive eBike - Cairn’s New Adventure eBike - Slick New Models for Spring from Dutch ID and LeMond - Swytch New Pedal Sensor - SENA Smart mtb Helmets - Clever Bike Storage Solutions from France and Belgium - Aptera – the Light Electric Vehicle of the Future? - Endura Aim to Go Carbon Negative by 2024
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eBike News: UK Bike Shops ‘Essential’, CLIP BIKE Friction, Pullit! Mini Trailer
- UK Bike Shops Deemed Essential in New Lockdown - CLIP BIKE Friction Drive Relaunched - Pullit! The folding trailing that packs down onto your bike - Powerful DIY Carbon Full Sus eMTB Build - Belt vs Chain Efficiency - Cycle Lane Update - Bafang Launch Direct to Dealer Service
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eBike News: Hi spec Italian Trekking Super Magnum, German Velocar, Indian Connected eBikes
- Olympia’s Super Magnum Trekking eBike Announced - Ducati Models Arriving in the US - Germany’s Duo Moke Velocar to Become a Reality? - India’s Tronx Connected eBike Looks to Break into Europe - Halford’s Free eBikes Competition - Updated Avenue Verte Guidebook - Citi Bikes Lawsuit
a bike parked on top of a grass covered field next to a wooden bench with people in the background
Looking Back at the 2020 eBike Year
2020 has been a hugely tumultuous year for the world and for e-bikes too. March 16th has been tagged as ‘the week the world shut down’ with what seemed at the time as dire consequences for the majority of industries. However, with many countries declaring bike shops as essential service and allowed to stay open, and city authorities soon putting place cycle-friendly measures.