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Aventon Level Step-Through
One of the best commuter e-bikes of the year. We were highly impressed with the Aventon Level on our first review, but the 2nd review of the step-through helped cement it's spot as one of the best bikes of the year.
Ride1UP Core-5 Electric Commuter Bike Review Electric Bike Review, Bike Us, Best E Bike
Ride1UP Core-5 Review
Solid to the Core. Ride1UP's Core-5 has some seriously fun acceleration for an e-bike. Thanks to the Shengyi 500W motor, Kenda Kwick 27.5"x2.2 tires, and reliable shifting of the Shimano Altus, this bike will get you quickly from A to B. Head to the link for our full review. #ElectricBikeReview #Ebikes #ElectricBikes #Bikes #Cycling #Ride1UP
Ride1UP 500 Series Electric Commuter Bike Review Bike Ride, Bike
Ride1UP 500 Series Review
Ride1UP's 500 series is a super solid commuter at a generous price. This bike has a little of everything from the 500W motor, Shimano Acera drivetrain, and a battery that outperformed our expectations. Click on the link for the full review. #ElectricBikeReview #Ebikes #ElectricBikes #Bikes #Cycling #Ride1UP
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Evelo Delta X Review
The X factor. Evelo's Delta X is a premium commuter that will attack any hill you throw at it. What can people expect out of this e-bike? Fast speeds, good handling, smooth shifting, and a frame/battery combo worth applauding. Check out our full review in the link. #ElectricBikeReview #Ebikes #ElectricBikes #Bikes #Cycling
Aventon Level Electric Commuter Bike Bike Reviews, Commuter, Battery Life
Aventon Level Review
Going to a whole 'nother Level. Aventon's Level is a speedy commuter that will fly you from A to B with ease. Click the link for our full impressions of this electric bike. #ElectricBikeReview #Ebikes #ElectricBikes #Bikes #Cycling