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LED Strips Dimmer with 555 Circuit

Project for a dimmer high power LED strips using iC 555 for LED Strip, Muticolor , RGB LED strip.

7 segment counter circuit

A simple segment counter circuit with an LED display. This counter circuit diagram is designed using IC CD 4033 as Timer IC and seven segment LED Display LT 543

Free energy collector circuit - img1

A free energy collector circuit helps to convert surrounding radio frequency waves to electric power and can provide 40 watts to 10 watts i.

Solar Charge Controller Circuit Diagram | Homemade Circuit Designs Just for You

If you are wondering how to make a solar inverter circuit, you may read the proposed circuit idea and learn all the tricks of the subject

This is a simple battery charge level indicator circuit and is very useful to calibrate inverter status, to measure car battery level, etc.

Battery Level Indicator Circuit Diagram and Circuit Components: IC LED’s SPST switch Resistors Potentiometer – battery Connecting wires