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two men are behind the bar making drinks
What Is a Cocktail Bar Without a Backbar? | PUNCH
How a Boozy Boba Tea Cocktail Gets Made at Melbourne's Byrdi | PUNCH
there are many copper pots on the bar
Stedentrip Hull, een culturele stad met een rauw randje - Engeland
Je eigen gin maken bij Hotham’s Gin School and Distillery #reizenenreistips #travelblog #travelblogger #hull #engeland #uk #citytrip #stedentrip #kingstonuponhull
several wooden boxes with different types of items on top of each other, including bottles and spoons
Touring Jameson Distillery In Dublin, Ireland | One Girl, Whole World
several bottles of alcohol are on display in a dimly lit room with people standing around
10 Things To Do In the Dublin City Centre
Jameson Distillery Tour in Dublin, Ireland. Blog post: 10 things to do in Dublin’s city center
a kitchen with lots of bottles on the wall and counters in front of it is lit by candles
Cravan (Paris)
CRAVAN (Paris) - Franck Audoux redefines cocktail bars, pushing limits, moving his legacy to Bd Saint-Germain for a facelift. RF Studio captures venue charm, guiding guests through cocktail culture decades. At Behind Bars, we're proud to contribute to Cravan's transformation. From the tailored workhorse on the ground floor to the elegant, curved bar on the first floor, every detail reflects Franck's vision. The signature steel-and-stone bar on the third floor is RFStudios' masterpiece.
a wooden table topped with lots of different types of drinks and condiments on top of it
Create Extremely Good Cocktails by Attending Virtual Cocktail Making Classes
a long table with plates and bowls on it in front of large windows overlooking the city
office space set up for a masterclass