- Honey, I'm home!  - Yes baby, I know! :). want this for my wedding souvenirs!

Key holders are an essential feature in your home if you tend to lose your keys. Many of us have lost our keys a number of times, if only we had a place to put them once we got home, this is where Key Holders come in.

These kate spade hi-ball glasses would make great engagement gifts or wedding souvenirs!

kate spade new york Glassware, Set of 2 Two of a Kind Highball Glasses - Stemware & Cocktail - Dining & Entertaining - Macy's Bridal and Wedding Registry

Maybe a wedding souvenir? :)

Save time for creative and interesting ideas. Make creative stuff out of wooden pegs. You can make awesome decorations out of wooden pegs or some things th

Useful wedding souvenirs

Yankee Candle makes customized candles for weddings! This could have been a really fun wedding favor if only Yankee candles were not so expensive.

another cute wedding souvenir...chocolate! hershey's will make personalized chocolate bars :)

buy your favorite candy bars. Remove the outer sleeve and measure it. Create your own sleeve to the same dimensions and then glue them to the bar.

DIY Candles for Wedding Souvenirs

Tea cup with a bag of nice tea or candle in it for a bridal shower favor. Love this idea. Or a candle tea cup for decor on table. Can DIY. Check out dollar tree!