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two baked goods sitting on top of a blue and white table cloth with green floral designs
Pasteis de Nata from Lisbon Portugal Illustration
an image of a painting of a street scene with buildings and a train on the tracks
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a stamp with an image of a cat on it's back and the words stamp duty one cent
Tasmania Revenue Stamp Catalogue
an illustration of various sea animals and plants
1950s OCEAN LIFE original antique sea life ocean print book plate via Etsy
an image of jellyfishs and other sea creatures
Animalium curated by Katie Scott and Jenny Broom, 112 pp, RL: 2
the great barrier reef tea towel with fish and corals on blue background, in front of an ocean scene
Vintage Australian Tea Towel - Magnetic Island (Great Barrier Reef)
an open book with pictures of different countries and flowers on the pages, including palm trees
Gold Coast, item no. 10
Gold Coast, item no. 10 | Creator: Malmar Souvenir Location:… | Flickr
an image of sydney australia poster
Sydney Opera House Travel Poster.
an oil painting of people swimming in a pool with blue water and shadows on the ground
Icebergs II - Bondi by TeMoana .
"Icebergs II - Bondi " by TeMoana .. Paintings for Sale. Bluethumb - Online Art Gallery
an advertisement for the sydney bondi beach swimming pool, with surfers in the water