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What Does Your Tongue Say About You? TIL Chinese Tongue Diagnosis can tell you more then thousands of dollars in blood testing | 18 Amazing Body Hacks That Will Improve Your Life

Which Tongue Are You? One diagnostic tool used by Acupuncturists is known as tongue diagnosis. Coatings, colors, and other markings on the tongue can provide practitioners with information about what is happening in the body.

batol yg ga terpakai bisa diolah jadi begini

Shining Lamps with Plastic Bottles! Another ingenious way to create a set of recycling lamp shades from plastic bottles. You can change the color or add prints or accessories to make them in your style.

Make little candles out of old bottle caps

beer bottle cap candles, burn 1 to hours ~ great for travel or to use when you're entertaining on the deck at night.soooo easy to make! These would make adorable little gifts bundled in a bag and tied with a string for stockings etc.

Learn to sew - invisible zippers

I always prefer invisible zippers. I actually think they are easier than regular (visible) zippers. -->Learn to sew - invisible zippers