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an artistic painting on the side of a building with angels and stars around it,
Day 5 Creation of Sun, Moon and stars, detail
Vintage, Gentleman, Suits, Menswear, Men's Fashion, Fashion, Retro, Mens Fashion, Mens Outfits
✨Vintage, Arts, Architecture (1900-1980)✨
an old phone advertises the telephone number 1950 - 1960, which is printed in red and green
czechoslovakian matchbox label
a black and white drawing of a martini in front of candles with writing on it
Luke Edward Hall Invite
an old book with some writing on it
The Astronomical Art of Maria Clara Eimmart: Stunning 17th-Century Drawings of Comets, Planets, and Moon Phases by a Self-Taught Artist and Astronomer
an illuminated page from a medieval manuscript, with the text written in latin and english
On the Center of Everything (continued)
From Les Echecs amoureux ("Amorous Chess") Manuscript made for Louise of Savoy, 15th c.
an old book with many different types of people on it, including the center circle
Día 7
an image of a circular design in the middle of a page with two hands reaching for something
7 Days of Creation and Their Most Beautiful Illustrations
a black and white drawing of a fireplace in a living room with pictures on the wall
Luke Edward Hall (@LukeEdwardHall) on X
an advertisement for the french pavilion in paris
Raoul Dufy, C. Tereshkovitch. 1ere Biennale de Peinture de France, Menton, 1951. 1951 | MoMA
an old black and white photo of a store front
Unknown pleasures
Unknown pleasures by Rune T, via Flickr
two pictures of water and stars in the sky
v.12 (1868) - The Intellectual observer - Biodiversity Heritage Library
v.12 (1868) - The Intellectual observer. - Biodiversity Heritage Library
an old book with different colored stars on the cover and numbers in each column,