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Beautiful Night, Fukuokashi, Japan.

each step is precious on this journey…. we walk by the light of the moon and the sun to reach its intersections.never again …Beautiful Night in the Fukuokashi, Japan….

Prague, Czechia #city #cityscape #prague #czechia #night #tchequie #chequia #tschechien

Night towers over all/And through the box-trees of evergreen cupolas/the foolish emperor tiptoes away/into the magic gardens of his retorts/and in the halcyon air of rose-red evenings/rings out the tinkle of the glass foliage/as it is touched by the alche

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Paris, the city of love as mant people call it. A lot of people go there on for example vacations. The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous monuments, I would like to go there one day.