Santorini, Greece at night

*** my absolute favorite place in the world that I've never been to! it's my dream vacation spot.

When she's close to me, sometimes I get butterflies and I just know that our life will be one great adventure.

Tattoo idea maybe? Butterflies would never fly directly upwards! Fly away by ChristianSchloe

Folding Screens by Lorenz+Kaz

Dynamically Modern Dividers

Opto (folding screen) Lorenz+Kazz: Bauhaus inspired, the Opto screen has some irregular geometry going on

Modern Paunchy Furniture - The Belly Desk by Steuart Padwick is Deceptively Slender (GALLERY)

Modern Paunchy Furniture

Belly Desk - The Belly Desk has a paunchy midsection that inspires its fun name. Although the Belly Desk doesn’t resemble a stomach in any way, it does al.

Dynamically Modern Dividers - The Folding Screens by Lorenz+Kaz are Geometric and Vibrant (GALLERY)

Dynamically Modern Dividers

In Milan this month, Colé Italian design label will show two new folding screens signed by Catharina Lorenz and Steffen Kaz and new variations on the collection Tapparelle, designed by Emmanuel Gallina.

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