Elyunai Salakory

Elyunai Salakory

Elyunai Salakory
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classic peach and navy blue weddings

Take a look at the best wedding themes spring in the photos below and get ideas for your wedding! classic peach and navy blue weddings Image source Blush, ivory, and sage green spring wedding color palette

"It is by your side I make my home." | Ways to Use Love Quotes For Weddings

From the marriage vows to reception decor, here are 12 easy ways to use love quotes for weddings along with 48 of our favorite quotes and four free printables!

Sweet and Sour Slaw | MyRecipes.com #MyPlate #vegetable

Sweet and Sour Slaw - Cool and crisp: a choice complement to the Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice. Try varying the slaw by adding slices of Granny Smith or Pink Lady apples to give it a slightly sweet and sour flavor and a crunchy bite.