Holy shit dream kitchen

Over forty modern kitchen design ideas. The home kitchen needs to be modern, spacious and welcoming. Learn the secrets of these modern kitchen design ideas.

Hang lamp from www.bodieandfou.com

remember to do a picture like this Bathroom Great modern wallpaper. Cute desk area, too, but too small. That's like a third of the work sp.

love this desk

furniture, Modern Furniture Design Ideas With Hidden Compartments Desk Design Ideas With Black Office Chair Design And Green Pendant Lamp Ideas For Home Office Design Ideas With Small Furniture Ideas: Excellent Modern Furniture Design for Workspace


Ecological Children Activity and Education Center / 24H > architecture

olav bruin with dutch practice has created the ‘children’s activity and learning center’, part of the six senses’ soneva kiri resort on the island of koh koodin the gulf of thailand.

Love this headboard

Mixing Earthy and Slick in a TriBeCa Condo

Tub 2

In-floor bathtubs can make any bathroom a relaxing spa-like space. The in-floor design gives tubs a more luxurious and stylish appeal than traditional tubs

wood paneling

Fake wood is endemic to interiors these days, thanks to the prohibitive cost of real wood panels and the big box retailers who sell faux wood particleboard f.