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a drawing of two women in dresses and tiaras, one is wearing a crown
Yesterday's stream final designs for Apollo and Aphrodite. Thanks for everyone who showed up and helped me figure out these designs :D
a woman's reflection in a mirror on a table with shells and other items
𝐶𝑎𝑟𝑙𝑎 🦢 (@carla.rssu) • Photos et vidéos Instagram
an advertisement for the perfume brand's new product, altare aphrodie
the magic of aphrodite ✨️🌹
a painting of a woman in a pink dress holding a plate with a rose on it
Goddesses ,Gods & Guardians Oracle 😇
an image of a man and woman dressed in medieval clothing, standing next to each other
Aphrodite and Hephaestus
By @medusaspeach on tumblr
the painting is being displayed on the table with paintbrushes and other art supplies
a painting of a woman holding grapes in her hand
Art Blog :p
Art Blog :p
a drawing of a woman with pink hair holding roses and a swan on her shoulder
a painting of a woman surrounded by water lillies and leaves with an angel in the background
Samantha Mash
Discover it on → bit.ly/3AUDQbh
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Aphrodite - Venus
a drawing of a woman standing on top of a shell with an orange and pink background
yec ✸ yourz (@yec_yourz) on X
a drawing of a woman standing on top of a shell with birds flying around her
a woman with long hair and flowers on her head is depicted in an art nouveau style
Aphrodite - johanna polle
the collage has many different images and words on it, including two women with umbrellas