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"Horn OK Please" plates inspired by Indian Truck Art.  Just Noey

Horn Ok Please is a collection of illustrated plates inspired by the colours, patterns and typography of Indian Truck Art. The Illustrated collection is also.

In love with the beautiful identity of No-Mad

The No-Mad mascot, NANDI, with Red Bindi. 50 cm by 70 cm Digital printing on Kodak Sticker and pasted on Sun board Unframed Made in India

A Pakistani artisan reflected in a truck mirror works on making decorations for trucks and cars, in Rawalpindi.

Many trucks, buses and vans in Pakistan are highly customized and decorated by their owners.

Nusrat Iqbal panel, 1foot by 1 foot. Reflective sticker tape on metal.

Peter Grant is raising funds for The Pakistan Truck Art tour of New Zealand on Kickstarter! 30 photographs, 2 galleries 600 km apart, 1 Pakistani truck artist, a classic vehicle, 300 mugs and a whole load of paint.