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an old book with the words school bond composition book written in green and white on it
Vintage Blank Composition Books Notebooks School Bond paper junk journal No 652 | eBay
an unopened box of colored crayons
Blendwel 1940s Vintage Box of Crayons
four different types of playing cards on a white surface with the words pavons written below them
Vintage Boxes Of Crayons 1940s 1950s
a box filled with crayons sitting on top of a white table next to a pair of scissors
Vintage 1940s Crayola Crayon Box
an old box of crayons sitting on top of a white table next to a book
Dixon's Crayons Vintage 1930s
an assortment of crayons in a box and some matchesticks on a table
an open box filled with white candles on top of a table
Vintage School Supplies - Chalk
a red book sitting on top of a bed
the sleeping beauty and other tales by charles cranee, illustrated by william wylock
The Sleeping Beauty and Other Tales
a set of four wooden blocks with animals and birds on them, sitting next to each other