My City.

My city. My beautiful, vibrant city where the wealthy and the needy live side by side, sometimes with just a mere wall as a barrier. And there's also the rich cultural backdrop of a mix of things melted together. This is where I was born, where I was raised, and I cannot wait to come back again, every single time.
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Jakarta slums

slums built on swamp land near a garbage dump in east cipinang, jakarta, indonesia. photo by jonathan mcintosh


Jakarta, Indonesia Spent a lot of time in Indonesia. Jakarta was one of those places that seemed to blow my mind. On one had very modern and new and on the other one of the dirtiest and poorest places I've ever been.

Pancoran, Jakarta, 2010

Dirgantara Statue - One of the most famous statues in Jakarta nearby Pancoran Area - designed by Edhi Sunarso around the years of 1964 - The statue symbolizes strength and also, the Air Force of Indonesia.

Jakarta Banjir / Flood in Jakarta

Jakarta Banjir / Flood in Jakarta-monsoon time

Jakarta Historical Museum - DKI Jakarta

Fatahillah Museum / Museum of History of Jakarta / Batavia Museum - Exotic Travel Destination

Grand Indonesia Mall, Central Jakarta, Indonesia

Grand Indonesia Mall, Central Jakarta, Indonesia