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Jakarta  ·  Vegetarian Chef, Internet Marketer, Businessman, Analyzer, Computer Hardware Consultant.
Engelo Khang
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6 Types of Employees and How to Motivate Them It's not easy to judge what will bring each of your employees satisfaction in their work, but it's well worth the attempt.


thesexuneducated: “ i-am-mario: “ Get educated on sperm! ” Interesting information! *not all men have penis/can produce sperm ” That’s right, folks–sperm move faster than a jaguar and can live in the.

Deep fried cream cheese stuffed strawberrys Strawberry Fields Forever: Strawberry Season in Fia’s Kitchen

Here it is: the deep-fried cheesecake-stuffed strawberry recipe, originally posted at Fia's Maine Kitchen! These were absolutely everything I hoped they'd be -- the cream cheese was gooey and melty bu