EXO ot9 but always 12 in my heart ☺

This is the boy group EXO after the problems that occured in the company, in regards to private issues.

EXO NEXT DOOR....I love exo....its sad some members left exo. Kris and luhan

EXO NEXT DOOR.I love exo.its sad some members left exo. Kris and luhan and tao

EXO as plants, and how to take care of them. But why shouldn't the Luhan plant be near the Channie plant? (Because whenever Luhan smiles or laughs, his face turns wrinkly, and Chanyeol makes people laugh)

Exo plants ^~^ Omo soooo cute(all of them) lol

When you see something weird going on in public | Chanyeol | Exo

When u scroll pat a shirtless pic of someone from EXO/BTS/bigbang and miss then ur like 'WAIT WHAT?

When chanyeol slaps kyungsoo's butt during xoxo... hahaha love them (gif)

the difference between kyungsoo and yixing when chanyeol slaps their butt during xoxo Guys you need to watch the part! One just don't care, but satan just exploded


Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Chen - 151226 2016 Season’s Greetings official calendar.


EXO - 151226 2016 Season’s Greetings official calendarCredit: Icexiu.